Raspberries are an excellent fruit that has numerous beneficial properties for our body. They are, therefore, great allies of our health, since they help us to prevent a great number of diseases. Raspberries are potent natural antioxidants because of their high vitamin C content. In addition to vitamin C, raspberries offer a very healthy cocktail of vitamins and minerals:

  •  Vitamin A
    It is available in the form of carotenes that help increase defenses and protect vision.
  •  Folic acid
    Once the needs of this vitamin increases during pregnancy, raspberries are indicated for mothers.
  •  Vitamin B7
    It helps the body to take folic acid and work for the nails (grow stronger) of the skin (it gets brighter) and hair (grows more vigorously).
  •  Potassium and magnesium
    Potassium prevents fluid retention, regulates blood pressure, and tones muscles. For magnesium, it keeps bones and teeth healthy.
  •  Fiber
    Raspberries are rich in pectin, a type of fiber that promotes intestinal transit and helps flush out toxins.