JBIGroup is a growing brand in the national business landscape, being 100% owned by Portuguese capital.

Through the hand of its founding partner and majority shareholder, João Bento Inácio, has been present in the primary sector since its founding in 1988.

Until 2002 it was dedicated to the production of horticultural. Since 2003, in a clear bet on diversification and innovation, the group focuses on the production of red fruits (first strawberry, raspberry and blueberry) and avocado pear, through Agrojobe, Quinta Raspberry and Cloud Maravilha, companies Which in the meantime were set up to support the defined strategy and the strong production growth verified.

At present the group has more than 120 permanent employees throughout the year, with production peaks reaching more than 500 people.

Around 95% of the production is channeled for export through the Producers' Organization (OP) Madre Fruta, of which the group is a founding partner.