JBIGroup is a brand that is growing in the national business scene, being 100% owned by Portuguese capital.

Through its founding partner and majority shareholder, João Bento Inácio, it has been present in the primary sector since its founding in 1988.

Until 2002 he dedicated himself to the production of vegetables. Since 2003, with a clear focus on diversification and innovation, the group has focused on
production of red fruits (strawberry in the first phase, and raspberry, blueberry and blackberry later), in partnership with the North American multinational Driscoll’s that ensures the flow of all production.

In 2014, in yet another stage of activity diversification, he started planting avocado pear, which quickly became the
main focus of expansion of the group, forecasting to reach 300 hectares in the next two years.

The group currently produces 22.5 raspberries, 2 blueberries, 1.5 ha mangoes, 162 avocados and has over 150 employees on a permanent basis throughout the year, with peak production reaching to exceed 500 people.

The entire production of the group, in the order of 2 thousand tons in 2020, is channeled for export, through the Producers Organization
(OP) Madre Fruta, of which the group is a founding partner.

From the existing production structures, a new business area was created with its own honey production. Currently with 750 hives, but still expanding, honey production will also play an important role within companies.