Raspberry is an excellent fruit that has numerous beneficial properties for our body. It is, therefore, a great ally of our health, since it helps us to prevent a large number of diseases.

Raspberry is a powerful natural anti-oxidant, due to its high content of vitamin C. In addition to vitamin C, raspberry offers a very healthy cocktail of vitamins and minerals.

Key benefits

  • Vitamin A
    It is available in the form of carotenes that help to increase defenses and protect vision.
  • Folic acid
    Since the need for this vitamin increases during pregnancy, raspberries are suitable for expectant mothers.
  • Vitamin B7
    It helps the body to take advantage of folic acid and work in favor of the nails (they grow stronger) of the skin (it becomes brighter) and the hair (it grows more vigorously).
  • Potassium and magnesium
    Potassium prevents fluid retention, regulates blood pressure and tones muscles. Regarding magnesium, it keeps bones and teeth healthy.
  • Fiber
    Raspberries are rich in pectin, a type of fiber that favors intestinal transit and helps to expel toxins.