About Us

JBIGROUP is a Portuguese-based group, with 30 years of history, focusing on the primary sector that operates in Portugal, more specifically in the Algarve, being an important player of red fruits (raspberry and blackberry) and tropical (mango and essentially avocado pear).

The group exports more than 95% of production, with the main focus of expansion being avocado pear.

Taking advantage of existing synergies, a new business area, beekeeping, was created to respond to the high number of hives that is necessary to satisfy pollination in both raspberries and avocados. Currently with 750 hives, but still expanding, honey production will also play an important role within companies.


Make a commitment to quality and differentiation in agricultural production and obtain this recognition from customers and the market in general.


Develop, produce and sell agricultural products that create value for people and guarantee the company's sustainability.


Commitment to food security, based on best agricultural practices, environmental responsibility and innovation.