The best quality, always!

JBIGroup with several farms between Faro and Vila Real de Santo António, currently has in production, 25 hectares of red fruit, 320 hectares of avocado, 2 hectares of mangoes and 1 hectare of pitaya.

With production throughout the year, the group has more than 150 employees on a permanent basis, and at peaks of production it reaches over 500 workers.

All farms are equipped with the best equipment and technologies that currently exist. They have weather stations and temperature and humidity probes, which allow irrigation management to make more efficient use of water and nutrients.

About 95% of production is sold for export through the Organization of Producers (OP) Madre Fruta, of which the group is a founding partner, and by Global Avocados, a company created to sell and value Portuguese avocado.

All production benefits from the Algarve's excellent edaphoclimatic conditions, to produce the best fruit, with the best quality, always!
From the existing production structures, a new business area was created through investment in beekeeping, with the main objective of pollinating the installed plantations and consequently the production of honey.

Currently with 1,000 hives, but still expanding, honey production will also play an important role within companies in the coming years.

The commercialization of

Our fruit